Helpful hints

Helpful hints for presenting your Home


•    Dry clean or steam clean carpets if necessary
•    Keep all surfaces clean and remove any clutter
•    Attend to necessary repairs
•    Clean bathrooms/toilet thoroughly including tiling and grout
•    Clean all appliances & ensure they are in working order
•    Clean mirrors, windows, remove cob webs etc
•    Have your home smelling of nice aromas at open for inspections


•    Clean and wash all outside windows
•    Clean down outdoor table and chairs
•    Clean out gutters, downpipes, facias and spouting
•    Trim back overgrown trees/shrubs if required
•    Clean out and tidy the garage
•    Store all equipment, tools and toys neatly out of sight
•    Mow the lawns and maintain gardens
•    Sweep all paved areas
•    Keep rubbish bins tidy and hidden
•    Clean up after your pet(s)For those with a pool keep it clean and have all equipment stored neatly

All of these improvements will create a great first impression in the Purchasers mind and will ultimately make your home more saleable.